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A set of tools from Cinteros AB to be used with XrmToolBox

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Cinteros is a company from Stockholm, Sweden, entirely focused on delivering high-end customer solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

A natural part of our day to day work is to use XrmToolBox to facilitate development and analysis in our peojects.

Though the XrmToolBox plugin palette is extensive and very useful out of the box, we have found some areas where we too can contribute to the "greater good" of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM world of customization and development.

So we decided to implement some plugins of our own, and a few of those serve their purpose to be delivered to the public, in the same open source, free to use, way that has been the philosophy of mr Touzard and his XrmToolBox from day one.


This toolkit contains the following plugins:

The most popular plugin to XrmToolBox from Cinteros (so far) is the FetchXML Builder, which is available at http://fxb.xrmtoolbox.com

View Designer

Easy UI to design view layouts.

Bulk Data Updater

Updates or touches single attributes on a set of records.
This tool is useful to trigger workflows or plugins, as well as bulk updating any number of records with fixed values.

Note: This tool is very powerful, it will not respect validation implemented in the CRM UI such as field requirements, max lengths, min/max values etc. Use with caution!

Version Verifier

Compares multiple solution and assemblies versions over multiple environments, thus verifies that environments are up to date with reference environment or custom written reference file.

The tool builds colorful matrix that helps to visually identify which solutions are outdated.

Plugin Auto Deployer

Automatically detect rebuilds of plugin assemblies, update registered plugin in CRM.